Introducing PolkaRARE

PolkaRARE: web3 NFT ecosystem

Features Offered By PolkaRARE

  1. Multichain NFT Marketplace: The platform will consist of an interoperable cross-chain NFT marketplace, promising features like a 3D art gallery, gasless transaction along with some social features.
  2. NFT Wallets: A multichain NFT wallet to store NFTs and other digital assets
  3. Rare Collections and Drops: The marketplace will include rare NFT drops (licensed art, music, and sports cards)
  4. NFT Collaterized Loans: Users will be able to raise loans against NFTs, or offer similar loans to other users
  5. Configurable Secondary Royalties: Creators are fully enabled to configure flexible royalties and secondary sale commissions.
  6. Unlockable Mode: Private files can be stored in the platform, which will not be previewed openly, but only unlocked to the owner of the file.
  7. Price Discoverability: PolkaRARE uses a unique NFT price discoverability protocol, that determines the realistic value of the NFTs you own or create.
  8. Supports 2D and 3D media.

Comparison with Competitiors

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What We Think

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