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7 min readMar 22, 2022

Altcoin Alerts Community had an Ask Me Anything session with Vishal (Co-founder) from Tartarus on 21st Mar 2022

Segment 1: Tartarus Introduction & Q/A with Altcoin Alerts Team

Altcoin Alerts: Hey Vishal
Welcome to Altcoin Alerts Community

Vishal: Thanks, Hello All

Altcoin Alerts: Glad to have you Vishal

Vishal: So excited today to be here introduce our project

Altcoin Alerts: How are you doing?

Vishal: Doing great, after the success of our IDO event 🙂

Altcoin Alerts: Good to know this
Can you please introduce yourself to our community?

Vishal: Yes, my name is Vishal
I am one of the co-founders of Tartarus, and have been associated with blockchain industry for around 4 years.
I come from a marketing background and have been a part of several crypto projects since 2017 and helping them in building products, marketing, community building and more

Altcoin Alerts: Great experience!
So Tartarus is a launchpad for Fantom Ecosystem. Can you please explain what makes you better than other existing launchpads?

Vishal: Sure
Tartarus’s goal is to become the principal launchpad for scaling new innovative projects built on the fantom ecosystem and with the backing from a star team of KOLs, we are creating a platform to help both investors and projects of Fantom ecosystem.

For Projects

  • Fair and Smart DeCentralized Fundraising Process
  • Exposure to thousands of new potential investors
  • Marketing and Advisory Support

For Investors

  • Access to Fantom Ecosystem projects
  • Low gas fee and fast transactions
  • Fair IDO whitelisting process
  • Community and user experience

Tartarus will provide all the tools and resources to the projects, ensuring a successful IDO launch, with the help of our expert team and advisors, from tech and fintech background, and support of our vast community and KOL network.

With curated projects, simple to use UI, rewarding tier system and our team’s expertize, Tartarus will be able to get an edge over its competitors.

Altcoin Alerts: That means you guys are here to take care of both sides project & investor
Congratulations on completing your IDO successfully. So tell us what are the next steps and when can we expect CEX or DEX listing?

Vishal: Thanks, We are thankful to all the Titans of the Tartarus dungeon for helping us in completing our IDO successfully
So now this is a BIG week for tartarus
We are doing our TGE Event on a CEX tomorrow at 10 AM UTC.

$TART tokens will be listed on MEXC and SpookySwap tomorrow at 10 AM UTC
Public sale investors can claim their $TART tokens on our IDO dashboard within 15 mins of token listing here —
We are also going to make a MAJOR announcement later today that will bring more benefits to investors participating in the upcoming IDOs on our platform 🤫

Altcoin Alerts: That’s pretty soon. Awesome!
Get straight announcements from here: @tartarus_ann

Vishal: Yes, get ready to invest 🙂

Altcoin Alerts: How soon can we hear about your to be announced Tier System for assured allocation?

Vishal: Very Soon
So that is what we are going to bring today — Tartarus Tier System unlocking smart and fair way of IDO allocation in the upcoming IDOs.

Altcoin Alerts: We got you

Vishal: Stay tuned to our social handles for more info on this -

Altcoin Alerts: Are there any new IDOs coming on Tartarus launchpad?

Vishal: Yes — tomorrow we are launching Penguin Karts IDO on our platform
First launchpad to conduct an IDO on the first day of TGE 🔥

If interested, participate in Penguin Karts IDO using one of the 2 ways

  1. Guaranteed Allocation for $TART LP providers and $TART stakers — details coming soon before our TGE
  2. Participate in the IDO gleam competition. Very limited spots ⬇️

Altcoin Alerts: Where can we get all the updates and information about Tartarus and upcoming IDOs on Tartarus?

Vishal: You can follow us on our social media handles and join our channel and community on telegram. Please find links below

Segment 2: Twitter Questions

Q1. I have researched other launchpads and they have come up with a very interesting proposal using NFTs. So, could you tell me if your plans include using NFTs?
Vishal: Stay tuned, a lot of announcement and developments are in progress at Tartarus. We’ll keep you updated when they are about to be ready
Stay tuned to our telegram group :
Interested in NFTs? Participate in our upcoming IDO tomorrow for PenguinKarts. A battle-racing 3D multiplayer game built on the Blockchain. It combines the best elements of arcade style kart racing, mobile gaming and Play-to-Earn NFT dynamics.

Q2. In the cryptocurrency market, launchpads play an important role, but there is already a variety available in the market. So,what would be the most appropriate strategy for your platform?

Vishal: Tartatus is developed by experienced team and advisors from tech and fintech background.
Being backed by a vast community and KOL network, Tartarus will provide all the tools and resources to the projects, ensuring a successful IDO launch.
Please check our partners and backers below

Also, to benefit our investors, Tier System will be announced today so both big and small investors can get assured allocation in our upcoming IDOs.

Segment 3: Tartarus Q/A with Community

Q1. Fantom is a growing blockchain system but currently it’s user base is very limited on this chain and given this launchpad will directly going on be 100% on FTM then how this problem will he handled by your team to make this launchpad more accessible to general public?
Vishal: If you’ll check the current charts, Fantom is growing real strong. And that’s the vision of Tartarus, to grow user base of Fantom 🙂
Also users will be able to swap tokens to different chains. We’ll inform details soon

Q2. Why a new project should choose Tartarus for IDO, what benefit can you guys provide as compared to your competitors?

Vishal: Tartarus assists projects in both aspects. Projects are supported with our technical expertise and advisory services, to develop tokenomics and strategies, audits and security, and to provide assistance of top blockchain developers and designers. For community and awareness, Tartarus will assist projects in community building strategies, and provide expertise to reduce marketing budgets to negligible amounts.

Q3. Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the utility of $TART Token?

Sure, you can check the tokenomics here

About $TART, it’s a utility token for Tartarus ecosystem. Investors can earn exclusive benefits on holding tarts, such as

  • Future IDO Whitelist
  • IDO airdrops
  • Massive APY and more!!

Q4. Please provide details on listing of Tartarus. Is it going to be on which DEX and CEX and what is going to be initially market capitalisation.

Vishal: $TART listing is tomorrow on both CEX and DEX. Please follow our handles for more info

Q5. What is the reason behind picking “Fantom opera” as network chain? We see some chain pop up with good scalability too, then why you choose FTM network?
Vishal: Fantom provides a high-performance, scalable, and secure smart-contract platform and is designed to beat the flaws of previous generation blockchain platforms. We don’t think there is any better platform to launch new projects.

Q6. Tartarus is a fantastic initiative, but considering that FTM is suffering as a result of recent market changes, how will this affect tartarus?

Vishal: Check the recent charts of FTM which shows it’s growing daily.
Fantom provides a high-performance, scalable, and secure smart-contract platform and is designed to beat the flaws of previous generation blockchain platforms.
Token price keep going up and down but it’s the performance of the chain that decides how good it is

Q7. Almost 80% investors have just focused on price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?

Vishal: Huge APR will be offered for staking/farming our token and will be announced very soon.
Our soon to be announced Tier system, with assured allocation, will also motivate a lot of investors to hold $TART to participate.
If you’ll research on our project, Fantom, our team’s expertise and backing KOls, you’ll be able to easily guess the chances of $TART’s appreciation.



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