Altcoin Alerts x Synchrony AMA Recap

Segment 1: Synchrony Introduction & Q/A with Altcoin Alerts Team

  1. Safe — trustless — wallet behaviour is governed by user-configure parameters or indices eliminating the single point of failure inherent in an unknown entity transacting on a user’s behalf. Synchrony can also optimize which wallets a user follows by assessing a user’s risk profile and matching the user to a top performing leader wallet within that risk level automatically reassigning the leader wallet a user follows should a leader wallet exceed the thresholds of a risk level.
  2. Simple — a user may simply input a wallet address they wish to follow or select a wallet from the Synchrony leaderboard the platform does the rest.
  3. Fast — utilizing Solana’s high throughput and transaction speed, copy-trading on Synchrony is executed with very little risk of price divergence of front-running.
    Our composable indices are modular, and dynamic; you can evaluate any set of on-chain instruments from tokens, to liquidity pools, to yield farms, and even NFTs. The indices are programmatically managed, rebalance automatically, and are algorithmically optimized. Through these indices we can offer single-click solutions for executing complex strategies with as little friction as possible. Also our indices are transparent, even analogous to smart contracts as an index’s calculation methodology can be scrutinized in the same way a smart contract’s code can.

Segment 2: Twitter Questions

  • All net platform fees go towards the Synchrony token;
  • users staking SCY receive a discount for platform services;
  • SCY may be used to pay fees across the platform;
  • SCY holders may use SCY to purchase premium features such as “banner space” and profile options;
  • SCY will be rewarded for staking and synchronisation
  • SCY holders may stake SCY on wallets or indices as a form of “insurance”/“validation”, this grants the staker a share of the fees generated by the wallet/index10;
  • SCY holders may participate in limited governance of the Synchrony platform; and
  • data for indices is provided by ecosystem participants voted on by the Synchrony DAO. Data providers must meet a minimum capital requirement, decided on by the DAO, of staked SCY tokens. These tokens go towards a platform insurance pool. Providers are granted an equal share of all fees generated by Synchrony composed indices.
  • index token creation and redemption may only be performed by authorized participants. Any platform participant may become an authorized participant by staking a certain amount of SCY the exact amount being decided by the Synchrony DAO.
supply distribution 👆

Segment 3: Synchrony Q/A with Community




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Altcoin Alerts

Altcoin Alerts

Quality Projects Research, Project Overviews & Updates, Crypto events. Content posted in this channel should not be considered as investment advice. Always DYOR

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