Altcoin Alerts x Nitro League AMA Recap

Segment 1: Nitro League Introduction & Q/A with Altcoin Alerts Team

Altcoin Alerts: Hello Manuel Machado
Hello Gasper Stih
You guys are welcomed to Altcoin Alerts Community

Segment 2: Twitter Questions

Q1. Many games nowadays charge a high fee to start the game & therefore start with a small player base. Does Nitro League Game have an entry fee or initial requirement & if so, what is it? Do I need to hold NFT or hold some tokens to enjoy & play Nitro League Game?
Manuel Machado: There will a free to play version where player will be able to get rewards, so not a prerequisete.

  1. We have Fuel credits and NITRO tokens which are required to operate for the game mechanics.
  2. We have continuous upgrades to your car.
  3. TICKETS are purchased or rewarded to enter races and tournaments.
  4. We are developing a full metaverse where we will be integrating different crypto service providers like DeFi.

Segment 3: Nitro League Q/A with Community

Q1. Do Nitro League have any

  1. YouTube channel
  2. Tiktok Channel
  3. Website



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