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10 min readFeb 24, 2022

Altcoin Alerts Community had an Ask Me Anything session with Marilyn (CMO) from Mecha Morphing on 24th Feb 2022

Segment 1: Mecha Morphing Introduction & Q/A with Altcoin Alerts Team

Altcoin Alerts: Hello Marilyn
Altcoin Alerts Community welcomes you
We’re glad to have you today

Marilyn: Hello! Thank you for having me here today to share some information about the Mecha Morphing Project!

Altcoin Alerts: How are you doing?

Marilyn: I am doing great! How about yourself?

Altcoin Alerts: Doing amazing! Thanks for asking.
Let us start with introduction.
Can you please introduce yourself & your journey in the cryptocurrency field? Also, please introduce Mecha Morphing.

Marilyn: Hello everyone. I am Marilyn, CMO of the Mecha Morphing project. I am responsible for the marketing strategy and community engagement at Mecha Morphing. I had a history of marketing in various industries, including gaming. I then moved into the crypto industry as a marketing manager with a blockchain consulting company before I was invited to take part in the Mecha Morphing project.
Our project is a horizontal action ARPG game based on the meta-universe. Every level in the game will provide players with original resources. Players can use these original resources and build upon them. You can build your weapons and mechas through synthesis and crafting. Leveling up these mechas will allow you to have more stats to help you beat the enemies in the game.
The game is set in the future technological era with sci-fi cyberpunk as the background. Because of resource plundering, an international war broke out. Players enter the game as a member of the mecha squad called the “Rogue ones’ who save the world and maintain peace.
Starting from the most basic weapons, players can improve their mecha and stats step by step. The game has PVE and PVP content allowing players to develop in multiple fields. Everything in the game, whether you create or discover it, can help you earn money in the process of playing the game.

Altcoin Alerts: Sounds thrilling.
Please tell us more about Mecha Morphing Game Play, various modes and NFT Trading Market?

Marilyn: In this first world we are releasing, we will have five game modes.

  1. PVE — players use stamina points to enter into this AI generated battle and earn drops based on their performance.
  2. PVP loot mode — players can team up and loot the land of land owners in a skill based battle. These are skill based battles against land owners. If the land owners defend properly, they get paid an inconvenience fee and a boost in resources produced for an allotted time.
  3. PVP Arena — This is where players can come to participate in PVP tournaments or duels! Anyone in the metaverse may join and bet on these battles as well. Come and support your favorite warriors!
  4. Bounty — smart contracts between players that allow players to off set tasks they may not want to do for a predetermined
  5. Forging — players can come to the workshop to forge higher level mecha and pursue legendary items.

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let me send you some game play so you can check out what it looks like

We will have our own market place within the game. Players will be able to use the $MMC utility token that they get from successful battles to pay for things in the marketplace.

Altcoin Alerts: Interesting
Mecha Morphing has two tokens, MAPE and MMC. Please tell more about these and their use cases and benefits for users.

Marilyn: We are a dual token system. $MAPE is our governance token. Players that have it will be able to vote on proposals and share game revenue.
$MMC is our utility token and it will underpin the gameplay system. Players will use $MMC for most utilities in the game that include repairing/upgrading their mecha, betting on the battles in the arena, and buying things in the marketplace. I will attach a graphic of the vesting for the upcoming IDO with Polkastarter below.

Altcoin Alerts: That’s great!
Mecha Morphing Mystery Box NFT Sale recently completed successfully on Binance NFT. Please share info on that.

Marilyn: Yes! It was a successful launch! We sold out! That was our only mecha mystery box sale ever! We do not plan on having any more! Any lucky players that got that mecha will have a limited piece that was made by the team.
In the next two weeks, we have also partnered with a few other platforms to launch our weapon NFT sale. We will hold them on Baby Swap, Altura, Babylon, and Wowarriors. The dates are TBD in the coming days!
These genesis weapons will be unique and never released again. Players need a weapon to enter into any battles in our metaverse. These particular weapons will give VIP status for the first month! This means that players will earn 66% more for successful battles.
Aside from having VIP status, the genesis weapons will also give the holder priority access throughout our game. Whether it be the first in line for limited mecha releases or access to new worlds first, the genesis weapon NFTs will be sure to hold value over its stats! Stay tuned to our socials for release dates!

Keep yourself updated..

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Altcoin Alerts: Amazing

Segment 2: Twitter Questions

Q1. I read that Mecha Morphing is currently partnering with YGG SEA and GGG, what have been the most positive experiences you have had as a result of this partnership? What have been the difficult situations you have had to face in order to make progress in the metaverse?
Marilyn: We are very thankful to our partners. YGG SEA and GGG have given us a lot of help in ensuring that our ecosystem has balance. With our partnership, they have purchased NFTs from us and guaranteed scholars to play our game to ensure there is stability. Aside from this, they have also played a big role in connecting us and advising us throughout our journey.
I think that one of the most difficult things that we had to endure is the same for most of us at the moment, it’s the condition of the market. With all that is happening around the world, it makes it more difficult to get supporters in a bear market. We are optimistic about the near future and think that things will progress soon enough.

Q2. There’s so many NFT games competition out there, and some of them didn’t survive at all because of the game economy, do you think @Mecha_Morphing will be sustainable enough and it can be in stay in the long run? Can you point out some of the features of @Mecha_Morphing ?
Marilyn: We think that Mecha Morphing is a special project. We have tried our best at providing answers for issues that we saw in the gamefi space.
Firstly, we have 5 different game modes (PVE and PVP) to compete with all the games with linear gameplay we saw out there in the blockchain space. We wanted to not only provide a blockchain game but one that would keep regular gamers entertained as well.
Secondly, we put a lot of effort into our graphics and art while simultaneously making it accessible for our players. Being on the browser platform, our stellar graphics do not require high level graphics to enjoy!
Aside from our 5 game modes, we also provide quests, achievement boards, museums and create to earn systems so that our players always have enough content to stay entertained. We want this to be a complete and cohesive metaverse at the end of the day.

Q3. The current script is really hyped with the game and NFT. So, as a metaverse game, how do you plan to integrate both of these fascinating features into Mecha Morphing? And you’ll be launching VR in May 2022, what’s the difference gamers can feel when playing Mecha Morphing?
Marilyn: We will have quite a few types of NFTs.

Two major NFTs that we will have in our game are the weapons and the mecha.
Each character will have nine mecha slots and one weapon slot. Weapons will be the key to entering into any battles within our metaverse. Mecha will enhance the stats of the character a significant amount which will allow players to perform better in battles. Since your drops are based on your performance, it is worth it to spruce your character up in order to earn quicker. Leveling up your character and mecha will be a big part of the game play.
The third major NFT we will have in our game is land. We will have different types of land. Players that have this limited NFT will have an abundance of resources produced on the land for them to harvest. However, this doesn’t come without risks as this will be what everyone is after in our PVP Loot mode. Players that own land NFTs will also need to be able to defend themselves properly or they can get looted. If land owners have a good team to defend their land, they can also make good extra earnings by the inconvenience fee paid by failed looters and the temporary boosts in resources produced along with what the land already makes.

Q4. MechaMorphing has a “Bug Bounty” program, Players will be rewarded for contributing to the project’s success with the errors they find. So,What is this Bug Bounty program like? How does this program work? Who can participate & What benefits will be obtained through this program?
Marilyn: The current bug program we have running is during our test nets. Any player that finds, documents and gets verified by our tech team will get $100 in $MAPE tokens per bug. That means that you can earn more if you find multiple bugs. If multiple people send in proof of the same bug in our system, we provide the prize to the first person that brought it to our attention.

Segment 3: Mecha Morphing Q/A with Community

Q1. How many team members do you have? Do they have enough experience in the blockchain field? Do they have any experience on working in crypto and non-crypto project?
Marilyn: We have a solid team of about 30 with everyone specializing in their own field both within the blockchain world and non.
Our developers have over 18 years of in game development experience, working on games like call of duty black ops and crossfire.
One of our cofounders Jack Pan, is an indie game producer and he specializes in VR. He is the driving force behind our development and our VR version coming out this summer. I will attach a rough version below. its still in development.
Our other cofounder Justin Ma, is a serial entrepreneur in the blockchain industry. He has experience in mining, infrastructure and fundraising. He has worked on projects such as Mask Network, Tron, and Celsius.

Q2. Are you planning to promote your project in countries / regions where English is not good? Do you have a local community for them to better understand your project?
Marilyn: Absolutely! We are currently starting to build our communities! We have just started a few will add some more as the need arises.

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Our test net 2 is currently going on. We have a good product to show our community so now we can focus on building more communities around the world! We also believe that this game is meant for everyone all over the world regardless of the language you speak. To appeal to everyone we also have strategic partnerships in local communities. Our partners will tend to these local communities with us. We think this is the way to truly connect with those that don’t understand English.

Q3. Did you consider community feedback/requests during the creation of your product in order to expand on fresh ideas for your project? Many projects fail because the target audience and clients are not understood. So I’d like to know who your ideal consumer is for your product?
Marilyn: Yes! We have a create to earn system. We believe that the feedback of the community is important. We are building the metaverse for those that are involved in it. In our create to earn system, we encourage members to create content, art or even business proposals. Our team will look over it and if we find anything useful, we will reward the member accordingly with our $MAPE token.

Q4. What are the steps to become a part of your community, and start getting revenues? Where do we buy, where do we sign up? This looks like an amazing project!
Marilyn: You should join all of our social channels to stay updated on any information. This also ensures that you are in an official space for real information as there are many scam groups out there.

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Before our game launch, players can earn through our various community campaigns. We are currently running a test net 2 with a $50k prize pool for anyone that is involved. Aside from this, we will run some campaigns for our upcoming INO’s so stay connected for more prizes!

Q5. What are the benefits of holding your token as long term investment? Can you tell us about the motivation and benefits for investors to keep the your token in the long run?
Marilyn: We have a long term vision for the project. This first world with 5 game modes is only the beginning. As we create new worlds all of our game assets will be movable into the new worlds. This will maintain value for both our tokens and our NFTs. Our tokens are needed in order to mint new NFTs so collect them! We will no longer be selling mystery NFT boxes after the initial launch this week! Later we will have a VR version and the NFTs you put on will show on your character for a fully immersive experience! let me give you a sneak peak below

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