Altcoin Alerts x Lootex AMA Recap

Segment 1: Lootex Introduction & Q/A with Altcoin Alerts Team

Altcoin Alerts: Hi Sir, Welcome to Altcoin Alerts community
Hope you’re doing well

  1. Support more chains (eg. #AVAX / #FTM…etc.)
  2. In-depth customized chain game store
    - better trading experience: parameter query, rarity query… etc.
  3. #Lootpedia — Game guide for in-game items
  1. #Lootswap — Cross-chain NFT swap feature
    - Risk-free to swap your virtual assets through smart contracts
  2. Build a virtual store inside The Sandbox
  1. NFT #rental and #borrowing will be available
  2. Cross-chain and cross-currency payment function is online
  1. Host more events in #TheSandbox Metaverse

Segment 2: Twitter Questions

Q1. With regards to your GAME LAUNCHPAD, Can you explain the process of application before sales are conducted on your launchpads? Also how will players participate in presales & what whitelisting allocation procedure do you use to ensure a transparent distribution of presale assets?
Gary Wu: We take our launchpad seriously, and do carefully select the project that looks promising. We have an application form for the project to fill out, and we do evaluation internally. So far we put some of the projects we know them personally on launchpad, since we know they won’t rug.
So far we have done fair and open launch for the launchpad projects, there’s no whitelist to purchase from launchpad at the moment, but we will learn from existing examples of good practice to ensure early Lootex adapters can enjoy the benefit of participating in launchpad mintings.

Segment 3: Lootex Q/A with Community

Q1. LooteX is build for Gamers as well as Game projects. What can Game Projects do to be featured on your Marketplace?
Gary Wu: When we feature a game project on our marketplace, we feel like we are recommending a good game to our personal friends. We do see our site visitors as our gamer friends, and we call them Lootizen. Anyway, for games to be featured, it has to be of good quality, and has clear roadmap, best if the development team behind it also doxxed and has released games before.
In the near term future, we would even let our community pick which project should be featured on our site, as we really cater to our player-base community.



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