Altcoin Alerts x FuruKuru AMA Recap

Segment 1: FuruKuru Introduction & Q/A with Altcoin Alerts Team

Altcoin Alerts: Hello Suhas Motvani
Welcome to the community
Great to have you here

  • Furukuru is a fun P2E Tamagotchi and racing game on the public blockchain.
  • Who, what is FuruKuru?
  • Furu & Kuru are two cute, lovable and cuddly beings which inhabit Furukuru land.
  • The land where happiness, companionship, friendship has no bound!
  • Just a simple idea to create an escape to a complete new world.
  • Where users nurture their companion furukurus, play with them and have fun :)
  • And not just that, users earn $FUKU tokens!
  • And $FUKU tokens are used for power ups, breeding and many more things.

Segment 2: Twitter Questions

Q1. According to your website, the FURUKURU game only has 2 characters: FURU and KURU. How do you ensure that your gameplay isn’t boring even if you only have 2 characters? And do you have any plans to add more characters in the future?
Suhas Motvani: As the FUKU land expands you shall see many things not just furu kuru. Maybe your apes, cats and toads start popping up and creating their own place :D
So initially it would be about furukuru but any erc721 standard NFT can also be a part of FUKU land on AVAX chain.
If I am not wrong we’ll be the first NFT gaming on AVAX

Segment 3: FuruKuru Q/A with Community

Q1. Why did investors should buy and hold your token/coin in the long term?
Suhas Motvani: No no no, don’t just buy and hodl!
Play the game and earn :)
As I mentioned above $FUKU token opens great possibilities and in-game opportunity for hodlers :)



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