Altcoin Alerts x Froyo Games AMA Recap

Segment 1: Froyo Games Introduction & Q/A with Altcoin Alerts Team

Altcoin Alerts: Hi Pochi

Segment 2: Twitter Questions

Q1. Why are people holding $FROYO tokens for the future? Some coins/tokens will be discarded after the presale, how will your team handle this? How did you find a way to turn the dumper into this project holder?
Pochi: Hey buddy, here’s the thing
There will always be paper hands. What we do is we look towards the future and set ourselves up to give value to the $FROYO token through its community and ecosystem. We will have ve-mechanism staking so that $FROYO can be a token that keeps on giving. You don’t just get to choose to HODL, you get to choose how you want to HODL. That’s one of the great things about $FROYO.

Segment 3: Froyo Games Q/A with Community

Q1. Have you thought of launching your own wallet, which will make it very easy to buy anything from Froyo Marketplace?
Pochi: I haven’t seen a question like this before and I really like this one. There are many wallets out there and some can be really hard to use. Instead we incorporate Metamask and WalletConnect on our platform to make things easier. The issue with creating a new wallet system is that we will need to maintain it, make sure its secure and convince people that it is safe enough for them to key their seed phrase into it.



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