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11 min readJan 11, 2022

Altcoin Alerts Community had an Ask Me Anything session with Huy Van (CEO) from Dragon War on 11th Jan 2022

Segment 1: Dragon War Introduction & Q/A with Altcoin Alerts Team

Altcoin Alerts: Hello there Huy Van

Huy Van: Hello everyone

Altcoin Alerts: Altcoin Alerts Community welcomes you
It is nice to have you today

Huy Van: Thanks
Hope you are doing great
Even under current market situation

Altcoin Alerts: Absolutely
We are accustomed to it

Huy Van: Ya, I think anyone has been in the market
For more than 1 years+ will see this period is very normal
New one for sure will be panic

Altcoin Alerts: +1
How are you doing?

Huy Van: I’m doing great. A bit busy these days since we are pushing for IDO end of this month

Altcoin Alerts: That’s good.
Let us start with introduction.
Can you please introduce yourself & your journey in the cryptocurrency field? Also, please introduce Dragon War.

Huy Van: I’m Huy Van — CEO of Dragon War. My background is from Technology & Computer Science. I have spent the last 12 years as a technology consultant, founded a few companies working on Software, Game development both in Singapore and Vietnam.
More than that, I have 30 years experience in… playing Games. I have really loved playing games since I was a child and that passion is still up in me until now. Hope I can share those passions with you through Dragon War.
I joined crypto market since 2017, going through a lot up I down like I mentioned earlier, but I see true values of blockchain technologies and its potential in the future.
That’s the reason why decide to combine our Gaming Development background and Blockchain into Dragon War today
Regarding Dragon War, You can have an overview look of the game at:
Dragon War is the best turn-based Strategy game running on the fastest blockchain Solana

In the turn-based Gaming category, there are so many games out there being created almost every day, but most of them lack quality in terms of gaming experience. With Dragon War we are trying to create a best combination of:

  • Engaging & exciting gameplay
  • Great 2D Graphics and animations
  • Balance in earning mechanisms
  • Inspiring stories

To make sure people playing the game can earn values while enjoying and having a great gaming experience with it.

Altcoin Alerts: Interesting
Please share with us all type of Challenges / GamePlay modes we have in Dragon War.

Huy Van: In a short way to describe the game, Dragon War, from the Gameplay aspect, is the combination of the best mechanisms from Axie Infinity and Heroes III, another best turn based strategy of all time.
We have Heroes from different races, commanding their Dragons army into battles with Demon using Ability/Skill Card in PvE mode or with other teams in PvP mode.
As it’s a Strategy game, we are designing the game in the manner that it would be easy to play but super difficult to master. Countless strategic decisions will decide how well you perform in the game.

Beside PvE Campaign mode and PvP mode, we also have following modes will be development in later phases:

  • Tournament
  • Boss Raid
  • Guild War

This is how the PvE simple mode gonna look like when we release tesnet version next month

Altcoin Alerts: Looks exciting
What are the main features of Dragon War Game and when are we expecting Test Game and Final Game to be launched?

Huy Van: Gaming experience is the one we focusing the most in Dragon War

As you can see through the Trailer, The team strives to create the best game experience from focusing on development:

  • Gameplay is attractive and interesting
  • Stunning 2D graphics and animations
  • Balance in the tokenomics mechanism
  • Engaging and inspiring storyline

From an interactive perspective when integrating with Blockchain, as I mentioned in the above question, Team chose to develop games on Solana to bring the smoothest experience.
For example, a mint char operation on the BSC can take minutes, longer than when the network is congested. On Solana, it takes 2s.
Currently on the market there are many games developed from traditional games, so when converting to NFT games, many features in the game are limited, reducing the attractiveness of game play. However, for Dragon War, we develop the game at the same time on the blockchain platform, thus creating the perfect connection between the NFT game and the core game experience.
The testnet is expected to be launched 1 weeks after IDO this month. And the release on mainnet will be launch in Q1, 2022

Altcoin Alerts: For everyone who is now interested in investing in Dragon War, please share details about Token sale/IDO, Tokenomics, Partners and more.

Huy Van: IDO is being planed at the end of this month 24–25 Jan on GameFi and Redkite. it will be announced on the official Dragon War information channels at:

Social links:

After IDO 1 week, the whitelist will be opened so that players can register to experience the testnet.
Remember to follow Dragon War’s channels so you don’t miss the project’s latest news.

Regarding tokenomic
Tokenomics of Dragon War somehow would be similar to Axie Infinity as it’s in the same turn-based Game category and we should learn from the best.

In this tokenomic, we have 2 tokens, one is the main token DRAW which is similar to AXS can be used to

  • Buy main in-game NFTs such as Heroes, Dragons;
  • Staking for reward from Game Revenue and governance how the game should be developed in future

The other token is token ERA similar to SLP which you can use to

  • Buy other NFTs in game such as Skill cards, Heroes equipment items, consumable items.
  • Can be used to upgrade Char, item or fusion your Dragons.
  • Later, when we have PvP mode ready and PvP tournament, it can be used as a fee to participate in these events also.

Big ventures and partners such as Icetea Labs are incubators and lead investors. GameFi & Redkite launchpad, HUB Global, Lua Venture from Tomochain, DAO Maker… Information about ventures and partners will have an official announcement gradually, everyone can follow at the Announcement channel on Dragon’s telegram or through the Game’s official website.

Segment 2: Twitter Questions

Q1. Is game represent a fun way to acquire NFT, but how can We the users be certain that these NFT will really have a significant value in the market, how can you show us that the effort, time and capital invested in your dragonwar gaming platform will be rewarded?
Huy Van: In Dragon War, the amount of NFT is huge. We have not only tens of thousands of Dragon variances, Ability/Skill Cards… but also Heroes, Equipment Items, Consumable Items…

The values of these NFT will depend:

  1. On the NFT itself, how its look like, how it affect the outcome and the gaming experience of players
  2. On the Game: The greater is the Game, the more players playing the game, the more valuable of these Items

As I mentioned earlier, beside trying to create a best Game with great gaming exp, we also try to design Gameplay in such a way different level of NFTs will have different values and decide how it will impact the Game.

Also there are many ways player can earn Profit from Dragon War:

  • Players can earn the token by winning a battle;
  • Completing game daily/weekly missions;
  • Top ranking of sessions;
  • Winning sessions in boss raid, guild wars mode;
  • Also can earn value through selling rarity, enhancement items/char on marketplace

On top of that is earning fun, relaxing and exciting moments with the Game!
GameFi’s goal is to combine the entertainment of gaming and the financial to make you profitable, so as product developers we always try to balance the two. this factor and help players get the best experience.

Q2. How Many Dragon character Are There Within “Dragon War” and What are Their Attributes? As a Newbie I don’t understand buying items how exactly can each of these character/items be obtained? Is it only through purchases in your MarketPlace?
Huy Van: Regarding Character
We have 4 different races with different abilities and stats

Regarding Dragon, we have hundreds thousand variances of them

as you can see from above, each Dragons we have 6 different body parts and each of it we have 6 different rarity level by mix match these diff rarity of body part, one dragon can have tens thousand of variances.
More detail about their attribute you can take a look at White Paper
it’s still being updated

As a Newbie I don’t understand buying items how exactly can each of these character/items be obtained? Is it only through purchases in your MarketPlace?
Not only through Marketplace, for now you can also obtain these stunning Dragon by participating in our Airdrop or other events.

💥🚀Marvelous COMBO Airdrop valued over 5,000,000 $DRAW Token💥🚀

Dear my Heroes,

As Dragon War gears up for its approaching IDO in late January. It is now time to lay out the plan for the biggest event ever — The Marvelous Combo Airdrop.

📥Link Airdrop:

⏰Time & Date: 1:30 PM UTC 03 January 2022–00:00 UTC 23 January 2022


👉 It’s done in a very simple way, just Join and Complete all tasks at:

⛔️Note: The more entries you have, the higher your chances of winning

⚠️Caution: If many users have the same score, the random completes all the Steps will win

📌Event Information:

👉Official announcement on Twitter:

— — — — —

🌐 Official Links

Website | Medium | Main Chat | Announcement | Twitter | Discord | Fanpage | Youtube

This is the airdrop with Huge amount of reward running now until IDO

Q3. “Fusion Function” One of the methods you use to prevent Inflation of tokens. Can you explain to us what “Fusion Function” is, how does it work? How can this guarantee and prevent inflation for NFT DragonWAR?
Huy Van: Unlike breeding in Axie Infinity, when you “combine” 2 different Axie to breed the 3rd one but the parent ones remain the same.
In Dragon War, when you fuse 2 Dragons to create a more rarity, powerful Dragon. The old 2 Dragons will be gone. That how we can prevent the inflation for NFT in Dragon War.
Of course the 3rd one need to be rare and powerful enough to encourge players to do so.

Segment 3: Dragon War Q/A with Community

Q1. In one project, to stand out from other projects, what to achieve for it and How does your token look attractive in the eyes of the world and investment?
Huy Van: In order to standout from other projects

We focusing on these Competitive advantages:

  • In Depth Gameplay & Mechanism: We combine the best Gameplays & Mechanisms from the most popular game of all time: Heroes 3 and Axie Infinity into Dragon War.
  • As it’s a Strategy game, we are designing the game in such a manner that it would be easy to play but super difficult to master, to be the best. Countless strategic decisions will decide how well you perform in the game.


  • Gorgeous 2D Graphics and animations
  • Inspiring stories.
  • Balance in earning mechanisms

As mentioned earlier
Running on Solana is another strength of support for our tokenomic. For other games running on BSC or Ethereum, the gas fees are huge so a lot % of reward you need to spend on the gas fees to play the game.
In Sol, the gas fee is a thousand times less than BSC, which is almost equal to 0. That would definitely make the cost for our tokenomic much lower than the others which would also make our tokenomic more sustainable.
As of now, we are pretty confident to position Dragonwar to be the best Turned based Strategy Game on the Fastest Blockchain, Solana.

Q2. In the existing characters there seem to be 4 types that I know of so in each type it has advantages such as tankers, supporters, warriors, and mages. So will this have an impact on game play? And is this needed in every match in the game?
Huy Van: Yes, this have a lot of impact on the Gameplay, as it is Strategy game. As it’s very basic element of the Gameplay. You need to combine all the different elements of the Gameplay, understand its strength, weakness to combine them together to have a best advantages into the battles.
And it doesn’t need for every match in the Game. But the more various classes of Character, Dragon, Skill/ability you have.
The better you can diversify your strategy to apply into different battles to maximize the outcome or the Rewards.

Q3. Will you please tell me DRAGON WAR IS ONLY PLAYABLE ON PC or It has any Mobile version or not?
Huy Van: We will release first version on PC and Web first so that we can focus on 1 platform to proceed the development fast. Actually one the core game stable, it’s very easy to deploy it to other platform such as mobile android and iOS.
It would be available on Mobile on Q2.

Q4. On your website you don’t mention that you have done any internal or external audit of your smart contract, so can you give us details if you have done any audit before? And in case you haven’t, would you plan to perform any review of your smart contract in the near future?
Huy Van: Yep, security is one of the things we focus and invested in a lot as we understand how important it is to NFT Game.
We are quite confident since our time have 10 years+ of experience in developing Software and Game.
We also working with another professional security audit team to audit Dragonwar on its testnet version next month.

Q5. What are plans in for global expansion? Are you focusing on market at this time or focus on building and developing or getting customers and users, or partnerships?
Huy Van: Currently we are working with more than 80+ KOLs, 10+ regional media partner to push and bring our awesome Dragon War game to player globally.
Our marketing team are working day and night on this with our dedicated supports from partners, KOLs.
But we also understand the the best way for the Game to reach to Players are the Game itself.
So that why our Product team with 25+ ppl are focusing to develop the product passionately to make sure the quality of Dragonwar is great.



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