Altcoin Alerts x BreederDAO AMA Recap

Segment 1: BreederDAO Introduction & Q/A with Altcoin Alerts Team

Altcoin Alerts: Hey there Renz Chong
Hello Jeth Ang

Segment 2: Twitter Questions

Q1. I read that countdown to $BREED token launch auction is officially underway. How will the BredeerDAO community and users be able to access this great auction?
Jeth Ang: We’re doing our Public Sale on Copper beginning April 26 to April 29.
This will be an LBP style auction. More info here:
We will release more information as we reach the Public Sale date so make sure to follow our socials:
Twitter | Discord | Other Links

Segment 3: BreederDAO Q/A with Community

Q1. The economics of Play-to-Earn games can be very uncontrollable and I understand that you are working on the supply side in order to balance demand. So, how do you see the outlook for the economics of the upcoming Play-to-Earn games? Will the games really become sustainable?
Jeth Ang: There has been a lot of learnings from previous games and iterations. The whole industry is collaborating towards making in-game economies sustainable. We’ve been noticing upcoming games incorporating innovative ways to increase burning mechanisms.

  1. Automated tools — Everything above but x times more efficient — dashboard that tells us what’s hot and what’s fast moving, ability to produce assets at scale (e.g. 100 axies in one click versus 3 minutes using axie marketplace), etc..++
  2. Vast Network of VCs, Games and Guilds — VCs help us pretty much establish our position in the market and create tons of value for us by being an extension of the team. Game partners provide early access to gameplay and assets which allow us to study the game ahead of everyone else and create supply in anticipation of the demand. Guild partners are our primary clients ++



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